What’s your good luck tattoo? LET FATE DECIDE!

The Tattoo Oracle, hundreds of cool and classic designs. $160 gets you a spin, and you get that tattoo that day as a walk-in. ($20 for a re-spin). Tattoos are valued from $160-260. For EVERY tattoo from the Oracle we donate a portion of the proceeds to charity. Charities will rotate. Test your destiny! Find your new good luck tattoo.

Designs are:

  • Classics, traditional, custom, and original from all 11 artists
  • black and grey or color, your choice
  • no hands, necks, ribs, or stomachs.
  • Charity and dates that charity will be donated to are posted on the side of the machine.

The Tattoo Oracle continues into the foreseeable future, but how long is still a mystery……

LET FATE DECIDE your new lucky tattoo, and help do some good for your community as well!

What lucky tattoos has the Oracle made? Check out: