Our artists require deposits for all TATTOO appointments. There is a $60 deposit for walk-ins, $100 deposit for single session tattoos, and $200 deposit for multi-session tattoos. The deposit is to cover the artist time, materials, and the amount of drawing and prep time involved for the tattoo.  The deposit comes off the final price of the tattoo.

TATTOO DEPOSIT POLICY: We need 48 hours notice for a re-schedule or cancellation.  We make all changes over the phone at the shop: 402-474-5151. We want to best work with your schedule, and our artist’s time fill up QUICK, so we don’t make any changes via email or social networking, a quick phone call to the shop will give you the current open times for a re-schedule. Deposits are non-refundable, non-transferable, and void after one year.

Please note: you will lose deposit and a new deposit will be required if you: give us less than 48 hours notice of any reschedules or changes, no call/no show for appointment, cancel the tattoo entirely, make 3 re-schedules, or make 2 consecutive re-schedules.

Let’s make a tattoo! We do not want to keep your deposit, we want to make you a tattoo or piercing!

TATTOO CONSULTATION POLICY: our artist schedule consultations for those designs they feel they need time to discuss in person, and set aside the time they feel they will need for the consultation for a one on one discussion. These are times they are not booking tattoos or other consultations, so their time (and your time) is important. If you miss consultations with an artist they: may ask you to do a ‘walk-in’ consultation and catch them during their day for a shorter consultation while they are tattooing (which may not be appropriate for some involved designs) or they may decline the consultation and ask you do a walk-in sized tattoo (palm-sized or less tattoo) that can be drawn on the spot and do the consultation at that time.


Our artists allow PIERCING appointments to be made without a deposit by phone or in person. If you no call no show a piercing appointment the artists will ask you to try for a walk-in or stop in the shop and pre-pay for your future piercing appointment.

*Any cancellations due to bad weather/roads or other cancellations will be discussed with the artist. We want to tattoo/pierce you safely.