Tyson Schaffert – Tattoo Artist:

I am very grateful for the opportunity to make tattoos on those individuals who chose to decorate themselves in one way or another. Classic American, Japanese, and black and grey styles are my favorite for long lasting proven success as a tattoo. I strive to give back to tattooing on a daily basis. I am also very grateful that I get to work with some of the best artists and people I have ever known.

I am proud to help in education for body art, and thankful for my opportunity to contribute to betterment of body arts. Member of Alliance of Professional Tattooists starting in 1999. Worked on body art work group to aid inspectors and members to establish city and county code for Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department in 2002. Again to help the state of Nebraska in 2005-2006 establish the state body art code. I am honored to have helped educate the public and with the Nebraska community blood bank and new regulations for blood donations and body art.

Thank you for looking.

To set up a consultation with Tyson, or find out what days he is doing walk-ins call 402-474-5151

More tattoos on his Instagram page: @tysonschaffert

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