Body Piercing Questions and Answers

BODY PIERCING: Questions and Answers:

Bring your friend and get ready for a great day. Our experienced body piercing artist are here to help you feel comfortable and have a fun experience. We are here to provide you a fun and comfortable experience, top quality jewelry, and answer any and all of your questions

Appointments for BODY PIERCING:

Appointments are recommended. You can make a body piercing appointment by calling: 402-474-5151. (all tattoo appointments are made in person).

Walk-ins for BODY PIERCING:

Yes, we do walk-ins!  You always welcome to stop in! We do walk-ins on a first come first served basis between appointments. If you are a very busy person, you can make an appointment, its super easy: call down to the shop and our staff will set you up an appointment 402-474-5151. You can always stop in and set up an appointment as well.


Most piercings range $35-55 including the implant grade stainless steel jewelry you need. Titanium is available as well upon request for allergies, at a slightly higher cost. We offer a $10 discount on more than one piercing done that day on the same person.  Some specialty piercings are more, you can call our piercers and they will be happy to answer all your questions and give you a price for all body piercings: 402-474-5151.


We  have an extensive collection of body jewelry for healed piercings in all styles. We carry top quality manufactures such as NeoMetal. Most jewelry is $15-45 to purchase separately. We stock opals, gems, hoops, barbells, curved barbells, naval, cascading jewelry, and much more. We also have the capabilities to anodize custom jewelry colors for you.

We will help you find the right jewelry fit for you. Our pierces will help you easily size your jewelry and change out any existing jewelry for new ones.

All jewelry and needles are brand new and sterilized. We have 4 autoclaves we use and test regularly as well as a separate sterilization processing room to offer a clean process and piercing.
We tattoo and pierce over 18 only with a valid ID. Valid ID is an non-expired identification that is state or government issued and contains your birth date. Some examples are: drivers license, state ID card, passport, or military ID.


We have a full line of aftercare products and can even teach you how to make your own. We will help you with any aftercare questions and give you our best techniques for healing your piercing.

Piercing Aftercare here

Privacy available and your friend is most welcome to sit with you.

You can call with any questions you may have: 402-474-5151
Payments: we are cash only with an ATM on site.

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