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"We are honored to artfully and skillfully decorate those individuals who want to carry these marks of power and grace.

Immortalize YOUR story

Making your ideas into professionally designed, long lasting images since the turn of the century
 Iron Brush Tattoo opened in February of 2002. We are here to provide you with a fun comfortable experience and answer all your questions. We love to make tattoos and piercings. It is our mission to give our clients the best experience, top notch tattoo and piercings to our clients, and to create a collective of incredible artists who expand their artistic abilities while learning and growing from each other.Celebrating over 15 years offering our services to the community, we strive for excellence in every service we provide for you.
We believe you deserve a top quality tattoo and an outstanding experience.
Sterile, professional, friendly, licensed, established.

 We love to make tattoos and piercings

Making your idea become part of the story you wear.
If this is your first tattoo or piercing, we welcome you to our family of artists, collectors, and fellow story-tellers.
We are proud of winning several awards!
-Lincoln's Choice Awards:
First Place Tattoo/Piercing 2016
First Place Tattoo/Piercing 2017
First Place Tattoo/Piercing 2018
First Place Tattoo/Piercing 2019
"First Place Winner: Best place to get inked"
Voted UNL Big Red Choice Award 2016
Voted UNL Big Red Choice Award 2017
Voted UNL Big Red Choice Award 2018
Thank you Lincoln, Nebraska for all your votes!

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