Iron Brush Blood Drive January 25, 2020








Give where the heart is. 98-99% of the blood donated stays in Nebraska when donated with Nebraska Community Blood Bank. That’s a real help that we can offer to people in our community.
Ready to save a life and snag a free t-shirt while doing it? Then stop by the Iron Brush Tattoo Blood Drive January 25th, 2020. All presenting donors will take home a t-shirt and will be entered to win a $100 gift card to Iron Brush! Need for blood is constant in our hospitals in Lincoln and Omaha. They have many patients in need of a transfusion every single day.
Iron Brush is very active in the community and hopes regular blood drives will save lives, spread awareness about the importance of blood donations and clear up any misconceptions about the deferall time after getting a tattoo.
There is now ZERO days deferall after getting a tattoo or piercing. No wait to donate blood after getting a tattoo or piercing at a state regulated business like Iron Brush.
In the past, a person who received a tattoo had to wait 12 months before becoming eligible. Now, blood donors can step up to save lives right after getting a tattoo or body piercing at a regulated facility like Iron Brush.
To make an appointment and ensure your spot at the blood drive, go to or call 402-486-9414.
After you donate…
-Please spend at least 15 minutes in the café area.
-Avoid strenuous physical activity and heavy lifting for 24 hours.
-It is not recommended you get tattooed or pierced that day right after you donate. Give your body the restful day it deserves.