Thank you all for the FUN TATTOOS !!

Tattoos with soul and meaning! Your design or ours. We make it happen.
*Dedicated WALK-IN ARTIST DAILY!* for tattoos palm sized or less.
For lager tattoos call to make a consult with your artist: 402-474-5151 and we will set up a time to talk with your artist one on one and get all the important details and sizes worked out and we will prepare your drawing.
Lets make a tattoo.
Wide variety of styles from 12 artists based on the wide variety of ideas from our clients. Dot work, black and grey, stipple shading, mandala, geometric, floral, classic, unique, aliens, line work, black work, minimalism, small tattoos, floral, animals, bright color, lettering, traditional, japanese, cover-ups, reworks, unique, large scale work, and always available original tattooing.