Tattoos and their meanings: Roses and Skulls


You have seen Rose and Skull tattoos,  but do you know what do they really mean?
Rose tattoos: Roses make one of the best tattoos. Hands down, roses are some of the best looking, most interesting, and timeless tattoos. There are thousands of different ways to make a rose tattoo alone, or work with other tattoos.
No doubt, a rose can be a symbol of love. But there is also a lot of deeper meanings. Passion, true love, immortal love, the everlasting, and a love that will never fade. It can also symbolize sacrifice, respect, or be a memorial.
Roses can also symbolize desire, sensuality, and passion.
Roses can symbolize a tribute to loved ones, family, children, or a lost love. Sailors would get roses to symbolize a reminder of leaving behind someone they loved, or a tribute love lost along the way.
For the feminine roses can symbolize femininity, elegance, compassion, gentleness, and beauty.
A rose can symbolize falling in love and youth, and a rose with thorns can mean there is another side to love and be careful. Roses and thorns can also mean with love comes sacrifice, and there may be pain, or the pain one has experienced through love. Roses can honor our loved ones, and bring peace in turbulent times.  It can also be a symbol of respect, friendship, or devotion.
A black rose can symbolize death, the dark side of living. While a red rose can symbolize faith and honor. In Christianity, a red rose symbolizes Christs death and the sacrifice he made for everlasting life.
Roses can symbolize all life: a rosebud as youth, or a wilted rose as something loss or the end of an era.
Skull tattoos: Skulls are one of the strongest tattoos you can get. We all know they can symbolize death, the dark side, morbidity, anger, decay. But that is not even close to the deeper true meanings a skull can hold.
Skulls as a symbol of strength, protection, and overcoming challenges:
Skulls can symbolize overcoming difficult challenges even overcoming death. They can symbolize strength and power, and offer the wearer protection. They can symbolize the death of an old life, a past that has been defeated and a change for the better has occurred. A rebirth has happened. The movement from one plane of existence to another. A big change that has happened, as the biggest change for any life on this planet is death. In this life or the next, the skull is all that is left as the soul passed into another life.
A skull can even be a celebration of life.It can be a tribute, celebration of life, and respect for a loved one, as in Mexico and the Day of the Dead festival and the sugar skulls. They represent revered and respected family, a celebration of life. A time to honor our loved ones who have passed.
A reminder to live life to its fullest, and the inevitability of death is ever lurking. Death being unchanging for all life, skulls can symbolize eternity.
Skulls as rebellion:A symbol of rebellion, the iconoclast. The individual or separate from the government or authority as in pirate flags. Times of war the skull represents the death of enemies, revenge, and caution to those who cross their paths.
The combination of the rose and skull tattoo: The rose when combined with tattoos can add to the meaning of the tattoo. A cross with a rose, a name with a rose can symbolism a deeper love for the cross or the name with the rose. There is not doubt the duality of life and death can be represented. Live for the beauty of today for death is coming for us all. Life and death. Beauty and vitality and the end. The eternal struggle between good and darkness. And from death comes new life. The skull and rose can also symbolize together the birth of a new life as obstacles or enemies have been defeated.