$80 and $100 Tattoo Special

Pick any design off of our 7 SPECIAL FLASH SHEETS, and pay just $80 or $100. These tattoos are easily worth more than that. Some of these tattoos would normally sell for $150 or more. From peace signs and flowers to rocket ships and skulls, there are several hundred tattoos to choose from. You can choose color or black and grey. Necks, chests, ribs, and stomachs are extra.

We will be doing the tattoos on a first come first serve basis: all set up in person at the shop.

The size it is on the page. No changes other than color.
Tattoos done right, just like your grandpa did. Walk in, get a killer tattoo.
We will be doing them from now untill December 31, 2012.

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Thinking about getting more than 1? Just ask, we’ll give you and even better price! Tattoos must be done in one sitting, on 1 person, by 1 artist.

Free money for tattoos and piercings when you help us help your neighbors.

Bring us any one item for the food bank of Lincoln and Get 10% added to the gift cards you are buying.
$300 turns into $330 just for donating. Buy $1,000 worth of gift cards and get $100 free.

Canned food or boxed food works as donations.
The items that are most needed are listed HERE.

Piercing Discount:

you can receive $10 off any piercing fee when you make a donation to the food bank. 1 item per piercing. Piercing both lobes? Bring 2 donations.

The Food Bank of Lincoln is a worthwhile organization to help out year round. There are more ways to help out this great cause besides just food and personal care items. For more information on how to help the Food Bank of Nebraska, please visit:


This winter we are helping the Food Bank of Lincoln. This organization has been helping out community for over 30 years. The Food Bank of Lincoln serves about 10,000 meals every day that they are open. Unfortunately, that only feeds about 20% of South East Nebraska’s 50,000 people in need of help. Iron Brush Tattoo and Know Piercing are asking for your help in collecting food and other necessary personal care items until January 1st, 2013. If you would like to help by dropping off food or personal care items at our shop, we will reward you with bonus money on the gift cards you purchase.