Nate Deal Art Show-Zen’s Lounge-April 6th


A lot can happen in 10 years. A lot. For a decade I have watched Nate work. Simply put he worked hard. That forgotten art of constant discipline, and it adds up.  Nate has created an incredible body of work not only in the tattoo world, but also on paper. Nate’s  paintings are strong, bold images of tattooing. When you look at them, you know that this is how a tattoo should look. That is how a tattoo is built,  an accurate drawing, heavy shading, contrast on the page, and an image that has a clarity that speaks to a long tradition in tattooing. This is a hard earned skill in tattooing, Nate may be to humble to admit it, but his reputation for clean bold tattooing is the hallmark for what is good in our craft. There really isn’t a true formula for making good tattoo art, it is about endless drawing, painting, making it all more refined and elegant and along the way developing an eye for the classic. Nate’s first solo art show will transcend the fads and trends and present tattooing  in the most pure form, the everlasting.

See you there,

–Tyson Schaffert