Extreme weather conditions policy

Extreme weather conditions policy:

Yes, Nebraska, the land of quickly changing weather, and our storms can be severe. Whenever possible Iron Brush Tattoo continues to function during inclement weather. Scheduled appointments and available walk-in tattooers and body piercers will continue to the extent that our staff, our artist, and our clients are able to safely travel to and from Iron Brush. Our clients are urged to use caution and personal judgment in their travels to and from Iron Brush Tattoo. We want everyone to be safe! and if we close the shop, it is for the safety of our staff, artists, and our clients. We want what is best for our all involved.

If you do not feel comfortable driving to or back from your appointment please call us:

402-474-5151 to reschedule. You will not lose your deposit if you call us and let us know the weather has kept you away. We want you to be safe. If your artist cannot make it in due to weather, they will notify you personally, and re-schedule with you the next business day they are able to make it into the shop. You will not lose your deposit if your artist re-schedules your appointment due to bad weather.

We will post any shop closing due to weather:

on our facebook page: “Iron Brush Tattoo” and our instagram page: “@ironbrushtattoo” as soon as we possibly can. Our owner will make every effort to contact all our appointments via email, and let them know the shop is closed. Then your artist will call you on the next business day to re-schedule your appointment. They will all do their best to accomidate you and the fact that your appointment has been moved due to extreme weather. You will not lose your deposit if the shop is closed, of course! It is never an easy decision to close our shop, and we do so with careful consideration, and with the help of the opinions of local weather experts. We make these decisions to keep everyone safe.



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