BODY PIERCING: Tips on what to look for


Tips on what to look for

We want you to have a great experience and get a great piercing, that will be with you as long as you like. Here are some tips of things to look for in a body piercing studio.


Trust Your Self

The work we do as piercers is really true for any other work; love what you are doing and you will see the same in return, creating an experience that will be apparent to newcomers and seasoned collectors of piercings alike. In other words, relationship matters. When you walk in to a tattoo and piercing shop, do you get the sense that the artists are happy to help you? You should always feel welcomed and know most importantly the piercers are there to help you.
Responsible piercing takes into account that people heal through valuable relationships as well as practical things like sterility, jewelry type and aftercare. How you feel about your piercing has a direct effect on the way your body heals. So, first and foremost, do you feel comfortable in the shop? Do the piercers greet you with a smile and care about your experience? Are they willing to help you with your piercing now and in the future?


 Sterility Matters

Responsible piercing also takes into account that cleanliness and sterility give the best opportunity for a great-looking and long-lasting piercing. Get a general feel for the cleanliness and attention to detail that the space has been given. Be aware of individually packaged and sterilized tools and equipment as well as general best practices for breaking the chain of infection being used (hand-washing, glove changing, universal precautions). You will want your piercer to open up all the sterile packages in front of you before the piercing.


Jewelry and Aftercare

Responsible piercing also takes into account that piercing the skin and placing jewelry in and successful healing of the piercing is dependent upon the type of jewelry being used and the ways in which we care for the piercing in the weeks following the initial piercing. The piercers should always care what happens to your piercing after you leave and should provide you with appropriate quality jewelry, as well as cleaning and healing advice.


Ask questions

Piercers should be happy to talk to you how they do their best to maintain a clean and safe environment, what jewelry works best for different piercings, your anatomy, and your lifestyle, and support a calm & enjoyable experience.
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