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How do I set up an appointment for a tattoo?

For larger than palm sized tattoos: Check out our Artist Portfolios HERE, chose your artist, then call to schedule a consultation with your artist: 402-474-5151. At the consultation we will get all the details and set up your appointment to get tattooed. We make all tattoo appointments in person at the shop.

For palm sized or smaller tattoos: we do walk-ins everyday, first come first served, starting at noon and ending our last one by 8pm. We set up all walk-ins in person at the shop. (more info on walk-ins scroll down)


We make all appointments in person at the shop to give you the best tattoo. 

Just stop in the shop and we will get you talking with an artist and set up your appointment. A deposit is required for all appointments. We make all appointments in person at the shop to make sure we schedule enough time to have a great drawing, and do a top quality tattoo. There are a lot of particulars to work out for a tattoo: exact sizing, fit on your body, details in the tattoo, and everything else that make a tattoo a perfect fit for you specifically. Talking with you in person is the best way to make the best tattoo for you. Appointments are recommended, especially for mid to larger sized tattoos, and multi-session tattoos. Once your talking with your artist, they can give you a price estimate, time estimate, and answer all your questions.

If you have an specific artist you want to work with, we recommend you call and set up a consultation at 402-474-5151. A consultation is free and time set aside for you to discuss your idea with your artist. This works really well to help us do a great job for you.

Which artist would you like to work with? Our portfolios are here: ARTIST PORTFOLIOS

*please note: some artists book our 2 days, and some 6 months (always worth the wait!)  Our front staff can help give you rough time estimates of the artist schedule to best help you plan your tattoo, and help you find an artist that works with your schedule.

Deposits for Appointments: Deposits are required for all appointments. There is a $60 deposit for single session tattoos, and $160 deposit for multi-sesssion tattoos.  The deposits are to cover the artist time, and the amount of drawing and prep time involved for the tattoos.  The deposit comes off the final price of the tattoo. Deposits are non-refundable, non-transferable, and void after one year. Please note: you will lose deposit and a new deposit will be required if you: give us less than 24 hours notice of any reschedules or changes, no call/no show for appointment, or cancel the tattoo entirely. As long as we have 24 hours notice we can reschedule your appointment, please call the front staff at: 402-474-5151.

If you are front out of town, for tattoos palm sized or less a walk-in works really well. For large scale tattoos, we recommend calling in and making a consultation with your artist for when you are in town. Once you are talking with your artist, they can answer all your questions and book an appointment for next time you are in town.


We have at least one Dedicated Walk-in Artist EVERYDAY!!

We set up all walk-ins in person at the shop. Walk-ins are tattoos are about a palm to hand sized tattoos or smaller. We do them on a first come first served basis and tattoo the next client waiting, so we strongly recommend coming early, especially on weekends! We start walk-ins at noon, and finish our last tattoo by 8pm. If your tattoo will take more drawing time or tattoo time we can see if we can get you in with another artist that day or we can set up an appointment for another day.

Once your talking with your artist, they can give you a price estimate, time estimate, and answer all your questions.

Looking for a specific artist for a walk-in: Artists rotate for walk-in day you can call the shop at 402-474-5151 and see when your artist is doing walk-ins.

Appointments are recommended, as our artists do stay very busy, which is a good sign for you getting the tattoo, that means our artists have a great reputation and a lot dedicated clients. We do our best to tattoo as many walk-in clients as we can get in between our appointments, or when we have cancellations, and at the same time we are committed to not rushing any tattoos and giving everyone the time they deserve for a great tattoo. We set up all walk-ins at the shop on a first come first served basis. This way we can talk to you in person about sizes, location, and your personal design and make sure we allow enough time for a great drawing and a great tattoo.

Please note: we do all tattoos on hands, fingers, sides and front of neck by appointment only.

What is a tattoo consultation and how do I set one up?

Consultations are recommended for tattoos that may involve some extra drawing time, such as a cover-up or large scale tattoos, sleeves, etc or if you have a specific artist you are working with. A consultation is time to talk one on one with an artist and get the details ironed out so everything is ready and we book the proper amount of time for the appointment. Call down to the shop 402-474-5151 and schedule a consultation over the phone or you can stop in and set up a consultation. The tattoo appointment is then made in person at the consultation time, once we get all of the details worked out. Once your talking with your artist, they can give you a price estimate, time estimate, and answer all your questions. If you have images on your phone we recommend bringing a printed hard copy to make the most of your time with your artist.

Do I need an appointment to get tattooed?

Appointments are recommended, but we do walk-ins everyday. Appointments are good for mid to larger sized tattoos, multi-session tattoos, cover-ups, or if you want to get in with a specific artist on a specific day. Otherwise, we do walk-ins everyday.

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