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Famous for quality custom tattoos…

Our artists specialize in making your idea into an original tattoo. Iron Brush is known for making tattoos with soul that tell your story. Iron Brush Tattoo and Body Piercinibthouseg offers top quality tattoo and body piercing by experienced professionals.

Sterile Instruments. State and County Licensed.

You can feel confident and safe getting your tattoo and body piercing knowing that the professionals at Iron Brush use new sterilized needles, sterilized equipment, single use inks, and single use disposables for every client. In addition, all body piercing is done with new sterilized implant grade stainless steel jewelry.

We are proud to say that we helped spearhead the implementation of safety standards for the tattoo and body piercing trade. We worked with the governing bodies to help them write a much needed body art code. We first worked with the Lincoln Lancaster Health Department to write the health code which is in place for Lancaster County. Then we helped the State of Nebraska to write the state laws for body art and safety standards now in effect state wide!DSC_3237

All of our artists have taken classes in disease prevention, blood-borne pathogens, and practice universal precautions for each procedure. Iron Brush Tattoo facility is inspected by Lincoln/Lancaster County Health Department and the State of Nebraska, and both facility licenses are openly displayed.

All of our instruments and needles are sterilized by autoclave sterilizers, which are control monitored by an independent laboratory. At Iron Brush Tattoo, clean, safe procedures are our first concern. Your artist will be happy to answer any questions you have about your procedure and the aftercare of your new tattoo or piercing.

For more information, see our sterilization procedures page.

Original Freehand Drawings

We can do small tattoos and large scale body work in a variety of styles. We enjoy every tattoo and give them each meaning and attention to details. We can also draw an original tattoo design for you. All of the artists at Iron Brush pride themselves in being knowledgeable and courteous. We have extensive portfolios with hundreds of examples of custom, traditional, color, black and grey, cover-ups, reworks, and Japanese tattooing.DSC_3214

Our walls are filled with original tattoo designs, drawn and intricately painted by the tattoo artists at Iron Brush. This means that our artists have studied and researched tattoo design, and have a large visual vocabulary to create your tattoo. The friendly staff at Iron Brush will respect your ideas and offer good advice that can make your tattoo a quality piece of art.

Whether it is a small symbol or a large custom piece you are purchasing a hand crafted and unique piece of art that can never be lost or stolen.

Outstanding Reputation

Our motto is Reputation and Excellence.You can get your tattoo or piercing with confidence! We are proud of our Reputation. Click here to see our Better Business Bureau reliability report!DSC_3179

By Appointment or Walk-in

For either tattoos or body piercings, walk-ins are always welcome at Iron Brush Tattoo, or you can talk with an artist and make an appointment. Feel free to stop in and browse around our studio and check out our portfolios. Gift certificates available.

Our artists will be glad to answer any other questions you have.









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