Arrival at your appointment:

Mask required, no guests at this time, come in feeling healthy.

-Please program our number in your phone: 402-474-5151

-Make sure you are well fed, hydrated, and well rested.

-Please wear comfortable clothing that will make reaching the tattoo or piercing easy and comfortable for you.

-Mask required to enter (if you don’t have one, call us, we will supply one)

-No guests at this time. The person getting tattooed or pierced only.

-Bring only essential items, phone, medically necessary items, etc.

-When you arrive, sanitize your hands.

-Your artist will meet you and will ask your consent to take your temperature. (100.4 is considered a fever.)

-If a you leave a station during your tattoo/piercing, you must sanitize/wash their hands before returning.

-No food or drinks at this time. Thank you!

-After the tattoo, we will go over your after care instructions and we will give you your aftercare instructions are here:



We are taking extra precautions for safety of you, our team and community. We have a link to the things we are doing differently and what you can expect when you come to the studio:

KEEPING THE HIGH IRON BRUSH STANDARD: What we are doing differently COVID-19


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