During COVID-19: How to make an appointment

How to make an appointment:

Keep in mind a few things for your appointment

Currently we are appointment only

Masks are required

Sorry, no guests at this time, the person getting tattooed or pierced only

You must have an appointment to enter studio
when you arrive, call for entrance instructions

Walk-ins are on hold for now, but same day appointments are possible when availability allows

Our new hours: 11am-8pm, 7 days a week! to make more options for everyone.



Call 402-474-5151 and we will set up an appointment. When you come back call us when you are parked and we will give you entrance instructions. (see below)

*please note, jewelry changes are now $5 to cover PPE costs

*please note: we are currently not doing any piercings or jewelry changes under a mask: nose, oral piercings.

*please note: Sorry, no guests at this time. The person getting tattooed or pierced only.

TO MAKE A SAME DAY TATTOO APPOINTMENT*(palm sized or less) for today if possible:

We will NOT have you stop down to the shop for a walk-in. NO LINES AT THIS TIME.

Starting at 10am: Just send an email over to: shop@ironbrush.com with your tattoo reference picture. Include your name, location for the tattoo, size of the tattoo, your phone number and brief description. (Put our number in your phone and have your ringer on. We will call you back! 402-474-5151)

Once we receive your email, we will discuss your design with the artists and see what times would be available for your design.

We will call you back(so please send your phone number!) and set up a time for your same day appointment, or let you know if we are booked for the day.

When you arrive for your appointment, call us for entry instructions.

*Please understand, we have limited availability for a same day appointments, but we will make every effort to get you in. Same day appointments are a very special event. It is custom art with meaning done on the spot by artist who usually book out weeks/months. Our day will fill up quick and we will have less spots as we do our part in social distancing. Giving everyone the quality tattoo they deserve.

*please note: each day 'check in' begins for that day at 10am, and a new 'check in' starts the next day at 10am.

*It is custom meaningful art during social distancing, and we ask for flexibility on all parts. Your artist will be tattooing/cleaning/drawing with other clients right up to your appointment. Once your artist meets you in person they can show you the drawing and discuss price. Often times, there will be design changes to your design to allow for the tattoo to age properly.

*If you prefer to have all the details worked out beforehand, no problem! we are most happy to book a consultation for another day, were you can discuss all the detail with the artist, and book an appointment.

*Please understand, arrive 20 min early we will give you best time estimate, and we will not rush your tattoo, or the previous tattoo.

*A small “5 minute tattoo” is usually 45 minutes for the entire process of drawing, setting up a sanitized single-use station, correct stencil placement, and doing a clean well done tattoo. (Dont worry, the actual tattoo part may take 5 minutes for a very small tattoo, but the entire process of doing a clean, single service tattoo and having a good custom drawing made for you personally is usually about 45 mins start to finish. Quality you deserve!)

*We will allow for more time to sanitize between clients. Very important!


(Tattoos larger than palm sized)

CALL 402-474-5151 and our front staff will get you set up with a consultation with the artist of your choice. You can ask for the soonest available artist or pick from our portfolios below.

Your chosen artist will get in touch with you and set up a consultation based on the artist preference of how best to work with your design, location, and all the other wonderful things that make tattoos completely unique and individual. They may chose a consultation is best in person, email, or phone.

After the consultation, we will set up your appointment, or multiple appointments.

Pick the artist you would like a consultation with:





KEEPING THE HIGH IRON BRUSH STANDARD: What we are doing differently COVID-19

*please note: some artists book our 2 days, and some 6 months (always worth the wait!)  Our front staff can help give you rough time estimates of the artist schedule to best help you plan your tattoo.

Deposits for Appointments: Deposits are required for all appointments. There is a $60 deposit for single session tattoos, and $150 deposit for multi-sesssion tattoos.  The deposits are to cover the artist time, and the amount of drawing and prep time involved for the tattoos.  The deposit comes off the final price of the tattoo.

Deposits are non-refundable, non-transferable, and void after one year.  Please note you will lose deposit and a new deposit will be required if you:
give us less than 48 hours notice of any reschedules or changes, no call/no show for appointment, cancel the tattoo entirely, or make 3 re-schedules. As long as we have 48 hours notice we can reschedule your appointment.

We make all appointment changes by phone: 402-474-5151 (no emails or social media)

What is a tattoo consultation and how do I set one up?

Consultations are recommended for tattoos that may involve some extra drawing time, such as a cover-up or large scale tattoos, sleeves, etc or if you have a specific artist you are working with. A consultation is time to talk one on one with an artist and get the details ironed out so everything is ready and we book the proper amount of time for the appointment. Call down to the shop 402-474-5151 and schedule a consultation over the phone or you can stop in and set up a consultation. The tattoo appointment is then made in person at the consultation time, once we get all of the details worked out. Once your talking with your artist, they can give you a price estimate, time estimate, and answer all your questions. If you have images on your phone we recommend bringing a printed hard copy to make the most of your time with your artist.

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