We’ve received your consultation form

Thank you! we received your consultation form. Thank you!

When you talk with your artist they will be able to answer all your questions about price, times, size, details, and all those things that make tattoos great.

Keep in mind, we cannot promise any exact tattoo times until you talk with your artist directly. They will want to work out all theĀ  important details of your tattoo with you, to know how much drawing and preparation time they will need, and ultimately how much tattoo time with you.

Arrival at your appointment:

Mask required, no guests, come in healthy.

-Mask required to enter (if you don't have one, we will supply one )

-No guests at this time. The person getting tattooed or pierced only.

-Bring only essential items, phone, medically necessary items, etc.

-When you arrive, sanitize your hands.

-Your artist will meet you and will ask your consent to take your temperature. (100.4 is considered a fever.)

-If a you leave a station during your tattoo/piercing, you must sanitize/wash their hands before returning.

-No food or drinks at this time. Thank you!

-After the tattoo, we will go over your after care instructions and we will give you your aftercare instructions are here:



We are taking extra precautions for safety of you, our team and community. We have a link to the things we are doing differently and what you can expect when you come to the studio:

KEEPING THE HIGH IRON BRUSH STANDARD: What we are doing differently COVID-19


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