Due to overwhelming demand: Iron Brush Tattoo now has an

Artist available exclusively  for Walk-ins EVERYDAY!! (except Wednesday).

Yep, starting May 31st,  one artist will open his books and be only doing walk-ins everyday.

Ransom Bennett will be the walk-in artist most of the week, and on

Saturdays we will still have a rotating artist! Call the shop or

CHECK OUR FACEBOOK to see who the Saturday artist will be.

Walk-ins are done on a first come first serve basis-so get here early!

Walk-ins are generally about a 2 hour tattoo including drawing time.

As Always, All of our artist still make as much time as they can between appointments

to do walk-ins as well.

walk in everyday ransom


Iron Grave: Art Show– See works from the areas finest tattooers

Derek Lyne and

Ryan Spangler

Art Show in Omaha:

Sailor’s Grave Tattoo

Friday May 3, 7-10pm.

Sailor”s Grave Facebook

Iron Brush Facebook



IRON COURAGE: works of art from Iron Brush Tattoo and Liquid Courage Tattoo



Tugboat Gallery

Come see works of art from an entire team of tattooists.


Tugboat Gallery located at:
116 North 14th Street, Studio 31
Lincoln Ne, 68508
Just Above Gomez Art Supply




Also that night:

The artists at Iron Brush are working on a project with Taura Horn Photography, to create professional tattoo and body piercing portraits.

Friday, April 5: During the opening reception for IRON COURAGE, Taura Horn will be shooting portraits of Iron Brush Clients on a first come first serve basis in her studio down the hall from the art show.

We love photos of tattoos, and we want your help in making some really incredible ones that show off the clients that we love and the work that we’re proud of. We will use the photos for our website, Facebook, possible art shows and other future projects.

This is an opportunity we wanted to give to our clients, its all free for you to be a part of it, and if we use your photos we will give you a free 8″x10″ print of your picture, as a bonus. Plus you will have bragging rights when we post up your pictures. Space is very limited!!

Taura is looking for people who love their tattoos or piercings and are open to give her artistic freedom to show them in the best light. This is a serious artistic collaboration to explore people and the different ways they express themselves with their bodies. Taura will be using her experience and skill to create interesting images, so come to the session with an open mind and be willing to get creative.

To get an idea of what she does, you can see more of her work here:

 You will want to be a part of this.
This is a special bonus just for Iron Brush clients only.

Space is VERY limited, it is first come first serve. Did we mention that?

This is all free to you, nice.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you can participate!

Tyson Schaffert
Iron Brush Tattoo

Photo Portrait Project with Taura Horn

We wanted to do a special project with someone who can take outstanding photographs of our clients.

Here are some of the pictures from our project with Taura Horn Photography.

How can you be a part of our next photo shoot? Sign up for our newsletter, in those boxes to the right, that is how we will let you know.

Also, that is how we let you know about Free Tattoo Day for Charity.

You can see more of Taura’s work here: Taura’s Website and Here.

Dave and Jen Robinson Art Show!

Dave and Jen Robinson Art Show-Drawings, paintings, and photos.

Paintings and drawings in the spirit of the season, and gorgeous photos to evoke memories and good times. There will be prints available for sale.

Friday, October 7 · 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Doc’s Place, 140 N 8th St.

Fine Art Exhibit: Tales of Power and Grace

Iron Brush Tattoo Proudly Presents

Drawings and Paintings form the Tattoo World. This exhibit showcases the artistry of 5 Lincoln Tattoo Artists.

Plan on seeing the magic of tattoo captured on paper and the energy of the ‘art on demand’ that is the everyday tattoo.

“We strive to bring out the true beauty of all the relevant styles of tattooing. For some, the classic tattoos symbolize lost images from a simpler time, when tattoos where raw, cutting edge, visceral messages of who you are. And for others they are a nod to the giants of the tattoo world, the artisans who understood the power of symbols and built tattoos to last a lifetime. Or possibly they are an amulet of something stronger inside of the wearer. The traditional Japanese and the new ‘East meets West’ has a subtle beauty of making the very complex into something with simplicity and grace.”

Artist Feature on Ryan Spangler

Ryan is an incredible artist I am fortunate enough to work with daily.

Lincoln Local took notice and wrote an article on him:

Ryan Spangler Artist Feature

Tyson’s upcoming Artshow Friday May 7

Tyson Schaffert

I am honored to be a part of the Tugboat’s Art show in May! I will be showing new paintings along with Matt Hilker and Judy Cherry. I t will be part of the first Friday Artwalk.  I will have 12 new painting I just finished. All tattoo inspired!

First Friday Opens May 7, 2010. From 7-10pm.

The Tugboat is located 116 N 14 St. It is at 14&O upstairs from Gomez Art Store, Novel Idea Book Store, Duffys Tavern, etc. Tugboat Gallery Website

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