Featured Artist: David Robinson


David Robinson Born: Massachusetts.

Classically Trained Artist.

Enjoys tattooing in all the Classic Tattoo Styles with emphasis on his own style.

Hobbies include: Custom Cars, Great Outdoors, Drawing, Painting, Music, Merchandising and Storytelling.

David the kind of artist that always brings his best to the tattoo, in the most original and unique way he can. David can tattoo in a multiple of styles, from an engravings and contour line drawing done in a classic illustrative style to low brow art styles.

David draws inspiration where pop culture and counter culture meet.Caricatures, Hot Rod comics, and the love for the unique fuel his early morning drawings. David is a remarkable story teller and his imaginative re-telling of stories is as visual as his tattoos. Creativity runs in his blood.

David knows a good long lasting tattoo is one lined in black and built upon the principles of good tattooing. David spends his time outside of tattooing with his beautiful family, working on classic cars, and dreaming up his next art projects.

David works mostly by appointments and walk-ins. You can schedule a consultation to talk with David about your tattoo project by calling: 402-474-5151


Featured Artist: Tony Squires



Featured Artist: Tony Squires


Tony Squires: Hard working artist and motorcycle enthusiast he is known throughout the shop for his easy going, fun loving good nature. Tony works in a variety of styles and mostly enjoys: bright, bold, colorful classic tattoos. He likes tattooing animals of all kinds, cartoons, flowers, and comic themed tattoos. Working with his clients to come up with the best tattoos with longevity and lasting style in mind, he always has new ideas to bring to the table. At the shop, Tony is usually preparing his drawings in his signature design style, or already tattooing and laughing with his clients in the next room.


His good humored reputation made him a great fit with the crew at Iron Brush, and we are honored to have him working with us. Tony has been tattooing 7 years, and “gets to find new inspiration everyday” Tony works by appointment and walk-ins when he has time between his larger projects.


In his off time, Tony spends time on his traveling (and he really travels!) on his motorcycle with his lovely wife Maggie or at home with his family dogs.



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