New Video! Client Appreciation Charity Day!

For everyone who was there, thank you so much! Feel free to share the video, or tag your friends who may want to see what the event was all about.

Thank you everyone who came out to our Client Appreciation and Charity Day! We all had a BLAST! As you know, we raised money for the LUX center of the art. We raised enough for 250 kids to do a 6 week art program. 250 children that could be impacted by art or find a new way of expression. We are so grateful for each and everyone of you who came out to support our community.

More pictures and videos from the charity day click here



Open House Day!! Iron Brush Tattoo










Iron Brush Open House Day!!Wed. November 13th! 

come help us celebrate the New Location!!

$60 poster tattoos all day! 2pm-10pm.

walk-ins first come first serve so come early!

Posters have about 900 designs to choose from! 

Black and Grey or Color! you choose.

-Posters on display at the shop, feel free to stop in and check it out.

-no ribs, stomach, chest or necks.



Andrew Milko Guest Artist

Andrew Milko will be Guesting at Iron Brush Tattoo!

Do not miss this opportunity to get tattooed by one of the areas finest tattooers and all around great guy.

He will be here Sept. 26, 27,28,30 and Oct 1.

If you want to get tattooed get email him at

IRON COURAGE: works of art from Iron Brush Tattoo and Liquid Courage Tattoo



Tugboat Gallery

Come see works of art from an entire team of tattooists.


Tugboat Gallery located at:
116 North 14th Street, Studio 31
Lincoln Ne, 68508
Just Above Gomez Art Supply




Also that night:

The artists at Iron Brush are working on a project with Taura Horn Photography, to create professional tattoo and body piercing portraits.

Friday, April 5: During the opening reception for IRON COURAGE, Taura Horn will be shooting portraits of Iron Brush Clients on a first come first serve basis in her studio down the hall from the art show.

We love photos of tattoos, and we want your help in making some really incredible ones that show off the clients that we love and the work that we're proud of. We will use the photos for our website, Facebook, possible art shows and other future projects.

This is an opportunity we wanted to give to our clients, its all free for you to be a part of it, and if we use your photos we will give you a free 8"x10" print of your picture, as a bonus. Plus you will have bragging rights when we post up your pictures. Space is very limited!!

Taura is looking for people who love their tattoos or piercings and are open to give her artistic freedom to show them in the best light. This is a serious artistic collaboration to explore people and the different ways they express themselves with their bodies. Taura will be using her experience and skill to create interesting images, so come to the session with an open mind and be willing to get creative.

To get an idea of what she does, you can see more of her work here:

 You will want to be a part of this.
This is a special bonus just for Iron Brush clients only.

Space is VERY limited, it is first come first serve. Did we mention that?

This is all free to you, nice.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you can participate!

Tyson Schaffert
Iron Brush Tattoo

Free Tattoo Charity Day At Iron Brush

Sunday January 22, 2012 Time: 1pm-7pm
Iron Brush Tattoo is having a free tattoo/customer appreciation day for charity.
We will be doing free tattoos with a mandatory $20 donation per tattoo which goes directly to Community Action.

Free Tattoo Day Rules:
1. You must have already been tattooed by Iron Brush Tattoo or Dave Robinson.
2. It is a free tattoo with mandatory donation of $20 per tattoo.
3. We will do tattoos on a first come first serve basis, you must sign up in person only on that day and be here when you name is called.
4. We tattoo designs off the posters we made only. Designs cannot be changed other than colors. Most the tattoos are normally $70-140. There is a ton of really cool designs on there.
5. We will be tattooing : arms, legs, shoulders, etc.. We are not tattooing any: necks, ribs/sides, or stomachs/hip areas.

We will fill up fast, so come early! If we don’t have time to tattoo you, you can still donate and be part of the cause.
If you not been tattooed by us they can still stop down and donate.

I uploaded a picture from one of the posters, they are huge and we have several made with hundreds of designs! If you want to see more designs ahead of time stop in we will be working on them at the shop.

Also Matt is donating his piercing services as well.
You can get a free piercing with $20 donation, jewelry is extra.
All piercing are available that day except for industrials, genitals, surface piercings, and anchors.

Read More About Community Action:
When people come to us, we can offer them most anything they need to get back on their feet. People come to our Gathering Place for a hot meal during the week; they come to us evicted and looking for help with a deposit; they come to us homeless and with no place for their kids to sleep; they come to us needing help with their taxes or to learn how to budget their money; the come to us needing help finding employment; and they enroll their kids in our child development programs to make sure they are ready for school when they’re old enough. Our goal is to empower people to learn how to take better care of themselves and their families, and to use the strengths and tools they already have to make this happen.

Tattoos and Piercings and the 1st Amendment

We here at Iron Brush Tattoo were very active in legislation involving tattooing and body piercing. We helped enact laws and write code in the State of Nebraska as well as Illinois. With the growing number of people choosing to modify their bodies, more and more legal issues have come to light. From time to time we'd like to point out some ongoing as well as concluding legal matters involving body art.

This article is from an AP press release involving Hermosa Beach, California. They were recently (2007) taken to court for banning a tattoo parlor from opening up.  Shop owner Johnny Anderson saw this as a clear violation of his 1st Amendment rights. The City of Hermosa Beach claimed that"operations threaten public health and attract an unsavory clientele prone to crime."  In response,  Circuit Judge Jay Bybee, writing for the unanimous three-judge panel, called the city's ban "substantially broader than necessary to achieve the city's significant health and safety interests and because it entirely forecloses a unique and important method of expression."

Read the article here.

And the complete ruling here.

This second one is about a young lady who feels her rights are being violated at Clayton High School (outside of Raleigh, North Carolina). The school has suspended the girl twice for failing to remove her nose jewelry.  "The Johnston County schools dress code policy prohibits several types of facial jewelry but does allow officials to make accommodations for sincerely held religious beliefs." The student and her mother "were told that if we were Hindu, or she were Muslim, it would be different." She feels that as a member of the Church of Body Modification, it is her right to wear her body piercing to school.  It would appear that because the Church of Body Modification is not widely known, or that because school officials don't hold similar beliefs, this student is being discriminated against.

Read the full article article here.

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