Ethan Emshoff Body Piercer

Ethan Emshoff


Ethan is a hardworking and devoted body piercer who has an eye for the detail and the precise.

Ethan is an expert in our sterilization procedures and our jewelry inventory.

Coming from a family of business owners, Ethan is no stranger to long hours as he developed his skills as a body piercer.

His understanding of jewelry and anatomy comes from his dedication to the art of body piercing, and likes nothing more than to make sure you have a good experience and the right jewelry for the right piercing, and all the knowledge you need to properly care for your piercings.

Ethan is available by walk-ins and by appointment.

To make a piercing appointment call: 402-474-5151.(we make all tattoo appointments in person)

More tattoos on his Instagram page: @ethanemshoff

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