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Please note: Our artist make all appointments and make all price quotes in person at the shop, and our artist require a cash deposit for all appointments. Our texting notification service is not monitored for replies so we will not be able to reply to your texts. If you have questions about how to make an appointment, a consultation, or get a price quote please VISIT THIS LINK HERE FOR TATTOO QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS.

We may send you notification texts when:

-Artist will post last minute openings for flash and pre-drawn designs. These openings are not for new projects, but the artist will have time to do a pre-drawn tattoo that requires no additions or changes. The artist will post pictures to choose from, or they will have a sketch book of available designs at the shop. The artist will post the details for booking.

-The artist opens their books to new projects, sleeves, etc.

-The artist has new artworks, or merchandise such as shirts, stickers, etc.

-There are new events: Charity, Art shows, Blood drive, Community events, etc.

As you know, sometimes an artist will close their books to get caught up on previous requests and  there are cancellations or re-schedules the artist will choose to make available. The artist will post the details for booking. The text messages are a great way to get the first notifications of openings right away.

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