Join the Iron Brush Crew

Interested in being a part of the Iron Brush Crew? Or doing a guest spot with us?

Tattooers, body piercers and people interested in management positions:


Thank you!


**Please note:

Looking for and apprenticeship? This is the best way to learn about and eventually get an apprenticeship:

1. Choose a shop you feel is doing a great job, and has great tattoo ethics and morals. This is the most important step, finding someone who is doing good tattoos.
2. Get to know the people who work there by stopping in and talking with them and see how they operate.
3.Get tattooed. A lot. This is super important. Start getting work done yourself to develop a good working relationship with the shop you want to apprentice with. Apprenticeships begin with relationships.
4. Bring in you resume, and your art portfolio and let them know why you want to work at their shop in particular.


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