12 Tales of Power and Grace 2011

Iron Brush Tattoo Proudly Presents

“12 12 Tales of Power and Grace 2011”

Drawings and Paintings form the Tattoo World. This exhibit showcases the artistry of 5 Lincoln Tattoo Artists.

Plan on seeing the magic of tattoo captured on paper and the energy of the ‘art on demand’ that is the everyday tattoo.

“We strive to bring out the true beauty of all the relevant styles of tattooing. For some, the classic tattoos symbolize lost images from a simpler time, when tattoos where raw, cutting edge, visceral messages of who you are. And for others they are a nod to the giants of the tattoo world, the artisans who understood the power of symbols and built tattoos to last a lifetime. Or possibly they are an amulet of something stronger inside of the wearer. The traditional Japanese and the new ‘East meets West’ has a subtle beauty of making the very complex into something with simplicity and grace.”


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