Client Appreciation Charity Day 2019

Our annual event to give back to our community is May 11th!
It is because of YOU we can do what we love to do! Thank you!
Special Event Tattoos and Piercings!
Iron Brush 17 Year Anniversary Client Appreciation Charity Event!
We will be doing special event tattoos from our famous charity day books, and piercings will be $5 off. We want to help raise awareness and support the LUX center for the arts to support their Art Van deLUX. All proceeds will be given to the LUX and help support the good they do for our community.
Saturday, May 11th, noon-8pm
Special event tattooing and piercing!
Live screen printing!
Come help us celebrate our 17th year of
making tattoos and piercings!
Charity to benefit The LUX Center for the Arts
-Classic tattoos done LIVE all day from all 12 artists!*
-$5 off Piercings all day!*
Check it out!
*rules listed below
-Live printing T-shirts from Relentless Merch! VIDEO HERE
All proceeds from tattooing and piercing will go to The Lux Center for the Arts who is helping our communities carry on art and culture. There will be a LUX center representative on site to answer any questions about how their programs benefit the community.
***Tattooing Rules***
-first come first served noon-8pm.
-$60-180 for most tattoos.
-your choice of pre-drawn tattoos(huge selection of designs).
-designs cannot be altered.
-your choice: color or black and grey.
-designs available for pre-view at the shop in person or on our event page.
-one per person.
-no hands, necks, ribs, or stomachs.
-event is cash only to the charity: no gift cards.
-all money goes to charity! 100% to charity! Representatives from the LUX will be in house to help share how they impact the community and where your donation goes!
(Designs available for previews in shop and on our facebook event page)
**Piercing Rules**
-first come first served noon-8pm.
-all piercings $5 off.
-event is cash only to the charity: no gift cards.
-all money goes to charity! 100% to the LUX with representatives from the LUX in house.