February Birthstone Sale

This year, we are running a monthly special on that months birthstone. Any jewelry with that month's birthstone is on sale, whether it is an authentic or synthetic stone. February's birthstone is the Amethyst. If we have it in stock, and it has a Amethyst, it's 10% off. If you want to custom order Amethyst during this month, it's %10 off. If it's Gold or Platinum and has Amethyst, it's 25% off.
A little bit about Amethyst:
Amethyst, the gemstone believed by ancient Greeks and Romans to ward off the intoxicating powers of Bacchus, also is said to keep the wearer clear-headed and quick-witted. Throughout history, the gemstone has been associated with many myths, legends, religions, and numerous cultures. English regalia were even decorated with Amethyst during the Middle Ages to symbolize royalty. It has been associated with many myths, legends, religions, and numerous cultures. Amethyst is purple quartz, a beautiful blend of violet and red that can found in every corner of the earth. Historically, the finest amethyst were found in Russia and were featured in much royal European jewelry. Today, while Brazil is the primary source of this gemstone, fine material can be found elsewhere, especially in Zambia.


Amethyst is said to have a sedative energy.   It facilitates spirituality and contentment.  Amethyst is  a stone of stability, strength, and peace.  It is excellent for meditation and enhances psychic ability. This stone opens and activates crown chakra,  helping to keep energy from stagnating.

We have several Navel Barbells in stock as well as gems for tongue barbells, nostril jewelry, surface piercing heads, and more. Take a look at some photos from Anatometal and Industrial Strength.
Stop down this month to purchase or order your Amethyst today.