Guest Spot: Chad from Liquid Courage Tattoo

Iron Brush is proud to welcome Chad from Liquid Courage Tattoo. Chad will be tattooing at Iron Brush doing walk-ins first come first serve Sept 20-24. Chad has been tattooing more that 8 years I am especially inspired by his  ‘Polynesian style’ tribal and black and grey tattoos. The tribal style he works in is truly something he created, drawing from traditional sources and making something new that works well with the body and is built to last a lifetime.Chad is a firestorm of energy and creative ideas. A true artist at heart, Chad is someone I can look up to and am always excited to see what he is planning work on next. He has done pin striping, to graffiti, car building, tattooing, ink paintings, watercolor, mix-media, and I don’t even know what is next.  Don’t miss this opportunity to get tattooed by him. Chad normally works at Liquid Courage and Sailor’s Grave in Omaha.